Buying rubber rollers for C & P Pilot

Has anyone bought rubber rollers from American Printing Equipment? If so, what has your experience been in ordering
rollers from them and what did you think about the quality of their rubber rollers?

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The American Printing rollers are high quality, but they seem to cast Pilot rollers a little larger than the trucks. I’ve tried original steel trucks and NA Graphics’ Delrin trucks… and there’s still a significant difference. You can tape the rails, but it’ll take more tape than if you stick with rollers from NA Graphics.

In short, if I was going to order new rollers, I’d spent the extra money and buy the rubber rollers from Fritz at NA Graphics.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the helpful information. I was considering NA Graphics.

ramco rollers in CA were amazing. Highly recommend them for rubber rollers. Good luck!

Ramco is the only way to go — they are the best rollers and the price is good.