APHA newsletter now online only. Briar Press marks the transition

The American Printing History Association (APHA) newsletter is now available only in electronic form at the APHA site . Briar Press was asked to contribute to the fall newsletter that marks this transition.

We were happy to participate and to answer the question about the direction and future of the Briar Press web site. “It is not without a sense of irony and, we hope, restraint, that we employ the pixel to preserve the press. ” Download the complete fall newsletter PDF here or at the APHA site.

For those of you who are new to letterpress printing or are not aware of this fine organization, please take a moment to read the fall newsletter, review the APHA history and activities, and some of the archived journals.

APHA is an international organization and is the backbone that supports and “encourages the study of the history of printing and related arts and crafts, including calligraphy, typefounding, typography, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and publishing…through a wide variety of programs and services…”

We hope you will join them and support this effort by becoming a member of the American Printing History Association.

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Thank you for the wonderful article in the ALPA Newsletter. I have been on Briar Press long enough to know some of the details of its history but it was good to read more. Kudos to you and Elizabeth. I appreciate what you do.

Mike Day