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I’m looking for some help from the experts here.

I am printing on Lettra 110# and am having an issue with the left and right sides of the text “flaring” out (C&P 10x15). The attached picture is the best that I could capture with our phone as it can’t capture that detail. At the bottom of the picture, I drew a shape of what the printed text is doing under the picture.

Boxcar Deep Relief Photopolymer Plate
Boxcar Base

110# Index Sheet (1)
20# Bond Sheet (1)

The text on the bottom two lines is small, 6 point, so I understand that this will present some challenges but I’m trying to minimize this distortion.

Any other pointers for printing small, fine type? I am adjusting ink amount and also the packing to help maintain the details in the serifs, counters, etc. but feel there is room for improvement.

Thanks for any help that you can offer.


image: flare.jpg


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You may want to post a better image.

Yeah, sorry, I’m unable to capture a better image. I’m thinking that it is slurring and hopefully will be remedied by moving the grippers closer to the image area. I’ll try that tomorrow and post the results. Again, sorry about the ghetto picture.

My first guess would be too much ink. Try cutting back to the absolute minimum. You might try scanning the print to see if you can get some more ideas.

It is very difficult to tell what is going on looking at your picture… You did mention that you were using a 6 pt. font- did you check to make sure that the line width (of everything including the serif) is above .25? If it is smaller than .25, your straight lines can quickly start to curve and possibly even fall off of the plate.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll troubleshoot tonight and scan if needed.

Pointers for small fine type? HAND-SET IT!


Do you have your grippers installed, and are you using them? On small type I often see slurring when grippers aren’t used. Sometimes the paper shifts foward on the gauge pins as the platen closes and contacts the type before it should, particularly if the paper is curled or curved even slightly.

The grippers push it against the platen so that it is perfectly flat before it contacts the type. A lot of people try not to use grippers due to the hassle of setting them and the risk of mashing type and gauge pins, but on small type or forms with fine lines, you really should use them. If you are using them, check to make sure that they are working correctly, and not causing the paper to shift immediately before or after hitting the type. Without knowing more, it almost appears that your paper is slightly curved and the distortion you are seeing is a slur as the paper contacts the type and then smears as the paper flattens due to pressure of the press closing.

Good Luck,