Please help to identify this cutter

this morning i bought a paper cutter from a friend who is moving soon to florida. i took few shots after i checked the unit and it is in such an impeccable condition except that the identifying emblem or nameplate is gone. please help me identify the year and make.

image: p.cutter.jpg


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That is a Chandler and Price guillotine cutter.
Congrats of the purchase.

I actually have the very same guillotine and I am not sure of the manufacturer. I am not sure it’s a C&P as I can’t find anything similar in my books or catalogs. Certainly there were many companies producing guillotines in the late 1800s and early 1900s—this is likely one of those.

No way to be sure.

Take a look around for the counterweight. It’s a massive chunk of cast iron that attaches to the rear right side of the cutter to make sure the lever stays in the upright position when not being used.

You’ll also likely have a hell of a time finding cutting sticks for it… as I think it uses a large 1.25” stick. I ended up getting some made from a local hardwood cabinet shop. Even 10 sticks (with 8 usable positions each) will probably last me for a very long time.

The good news is that a friend and I disassembled the cutter in an afternoon and carried it out a basement piece by piece without any issues. The bed is quite heavy, but manageable.

If anyone has any definitive answers on this cutter I’d love to hear them.


That’s a Peerless Gem paper cutter circa 1900-1920. It was manufactured by George M. Sanborn & Sons of New York. It appears to be a later model.


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thank you guys for all your help. just hearing our comments is enough inspiration for me.