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I have a varidrive, variable speed three-phase motor for my C&P and I’m looking for recommendations for proper lubrication. Can someone tell me the best approach for what lubricants (grease/oil) to use and where on the motor to use?

The instructions that came with the motor are a bit vague.

Thank you.


image: motor.jpg


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From the look of the age of the motor it likely has ball bearings. Except in early applications that wouldn’t apply here these are usually sealed and there is no maintenance to perform. When they go bad you replace them.

Your motor does have a gear drive however and this likely requires oil. Unless something is specified on the motor or you can find some manufacturer’s info you can probably safely use a 90 weight gear oil. Look for a drain hole near the bottom of the gear housing and a fill hole on top of it. The holes will be closed with caps that needs to be unscrewed of course. The gear housing is where the shaft is coming out and I think I can see a fill hole on top of it in the photo. Sometimes the gear oil does double-duty for the shaft bearings in the gearbox though probably not in this case. My observations are general in nature not being familiar with this particular motor.


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Thanks, Rich. You are correct about the hole on top of the gear housing for oil. I’ve been doing that but just wanted to make sure I’m not neglecting other important areas. I may take it to a motor shop to have them check it out and offer suggestions. Thanks again.