Adana type height

Hi. “Adana type” is often for sale. Does this mean Adana presses have specific type height or is it standard 23.56 mm height and the expression merely means the type was used with an Adana?
Thanks for help.

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Adana type is simply Monotype and has the same height as other type in the UK. They packed it in their own small packs, labelled Adana. That’s all.

Thomas is correct – furthermore, in the UK the ebayers seem to think letterpress and Adana are synonymous, hence a lot of letterpress auctions are incorrectly tagged as “Adana” despite the fact the article is actually Monotype, Foundry type, Wood type or whatever.

Yes! – But remark that the type height in UK and US is 0.918 inch or 23.32 mm, and that the Adana press is constructed for that height as standard.
It is possible to modify the Adana to European/German type height at 23.56 mm – please take a look at this flickr photo
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thank you, especialy bogtrykkeren, for the fast and accurate responses. I’m just starting a letterpress print shop in Slovenia and wasn’t sure whether I could use my lead type (all German type height) with Adana.

I use my Adanas with German and French type (same type height), without having modified the holes like Jens did on his machine. I have used tape to get the rails to the correct height. This works satisfactory as well. You can read many leads about this here on Briar press.