C & P 8x12

Any one give me the size of the feed and delivery tables for this size press, as well as the thickness. If 3/4” thick delivery table was there originally a 1/4” +- shim under the feed table support post?? Vern

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I have a NS 8 x 12 and I believe the feed and delivery boards are original. The feed board is 13” x 11”. The delivery board is 17 3/4” x 10 3/4”. The stock is 13/16”, or just over 3/4”. 3/4 stock will work fine if you are making new boards. The corner radius is about that of a Campbell soup can. Different editions of the press probably mounted the feed board in different ways. Mine has a cast metal bracket attached to the bottom of the feed board with a short vertical shaft. This shaft fits into a cylindrical opening on the cast cover for the bull gear and allows the board to swing in the horizontal plane to an appropriate place convenient for feeding. I have seen presses without the bull gear cover and a pipe and flange arrangement with the flange screwed to the right rear corner of the delivery board. The pipe is of appropriate height to raise the feed board to where you want it. Work out the plumbing and you can get it to swivel.


Thanks for the reply, actually I think I made a mistake, the actual question about the shim was for the NS Bull gear cover which screws onto the delivery table, if a 3/4 ” table is used as was formerly on the press, an after market addition, it seems a shim is required to fit under this bull gear cover mounting. Is that the way you find it??

I had not looked until you specifically defined where the shim would be. There is a shim on my 8 x 12 NS on what I believe is the original delivery board. I can’t get a scale under the casting bracket, but it looks about 3/16” at the rear tapering to 1/8” at the front. More is needed at the rear as the 3/16 does not fill the gap as things are now bolted up.

Thats what I thought, I had never noticed it before until I removed this added on delivery table. I wonder if is only on the NS presses because of the addition of the Gear cover. Rather than create new delivery boards or change the castings they just shimmed. Thanks for the input, Vern