Advice for moving a press

We are trying to relocate 2 large presses and various type cabinets from Southern CA to Northern CA. Any recommenations for Moving Companies that will load, transport and unload? Or perhaps someone has rented a truck and attempted a similar move themselves. Any tips would be helpful.


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8 X 12 presses can be moved in a half-ton truck. You can winch one up with a cable, planks and pieces of half-inch pipe, or you can hire a tow truck to lift it into the bed. I cut lengths of 2 X 4 to wedge the press into place up against the cab, then tied it down with chain and load binders. Be sure to wire or chain the platen closed before moving it.

What size presses are you going to move, how many type cabinets, etc? My personal preference is for a hydraulic drop trailer, so you don’t have to get things up to (and down from) the bed of a truck, but there are various alternatives depending on a lot of factors. It would be easier to get more specific suggestions if you gave more info.

Hi, we went to eventually had our 3000 pound 14 X 20 C&P hauled from Okla City to Colorado on a car trailer that had four wheels. Try USHIP.COM, you can put in your peramiters and needs, get bids, and you don’t have to accept any bids. Jim

I moved an 8x12 CandP using my ford ranger pick up, a come along, two pieces of 4x4 and a 3/4” piece of plywood.