Lettra-like colored paper/envelopes

I’m looking for colored paper suggestions (greens, blues, oranges, etc) that are similar in weight to Crane Lettra 220# and 110#. Also, I’m looking for colored envelopes that are a similar weight to the Lettra.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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I’ve used these Italian Atturo papers & envelopes, and they work really well with Letterpress:


The colors are truly stunning - so pale & pretty! The feel of the paper is thick & felt - like, and I get a really good print on them! :)

Cranes Palette. It is almost identical to lettra in weights and finish, comes in 3 weights, including text and cover. Not sure if there are envelopes to match. A big range of punchy colors to choose from. Not cheap.

Crane’s Palette line does have envelopes to match, but beware before you order… they are watermarked. For many jobs that may be ok, but if you are like many of us on here and do wedding invitations and the like, the watermark will not be well received.
Possibly try French Paper? It’s not 100% cotton, but it takes a decent impression and there’s are tons of great colors and patterns to choose from. I’ve used their speckletone line (solid neutral-colored papers with botanical fibers in them) with great results.
Please note, all the suggestions that have been given so far are for alternatives to the #110 lettra. I personally have not seen anything in the 500-600gsm weight (similar to #220 lettra) in anything other than shades of white.

I concur with the French Paper, It doesn’t have as nice of a texture as Lettra.. just a smooth slightly calendered surface, buts it very economical and takes impression well. I’ve used their speckletone for several wedding invites.

You can get it straight from them too.. and for not much more than you would pay at mac papers, xpedex, etc… Give em a call they will send you sample books pretty quickly.

Another source is Atlantic Papers. They offer Bugra, a German sheet with a laid finish, in about 20 colors. The paper is 130 gsm vs. 300 gsm for 110# Lettra, but they also will laminate any combination of papers, so you can have the same or different color on each side, to make 260 gsm, close to Lettra - or you can laminate 4 sheets to make 520 gsm, or laminate with 300 gsm Copperplate, etc.

They also have envelopes in all the colors and a variety of sizes, although they are not cheap.

Bugra is softer and takes a better impression than a sheet like French Speckletone.

Their website is atlanticpapers.com, but the website is limited so it’s better to call and talk with them about what you need and maybe ask for samples. For some reason I often have to leave a message when I call, but their service is very fast and responsive.

Excellent input, everyone. Thanks. I will look into French, Atlantic and Atturo.

fyi, it’s Arturo not Atturo…. there are several places that carry it if you do a Google Search, but it’s probably easier to find if it’s spelled correctly.