What are the parts in a Ludlow cleaning kit?

Thanks to all for the good links to Ludlow information. There is a reference to a Ludlow cleaning kit and to avoid buying a Ludlow without such a kit. Another place mentions a well cleaning kit. I’ve read the Ludlow manuals. Can’t recall any references to the contents of a kit. So, 1) what is the list of items in a kit? I have the possibility of buying an incomplete kit, but will need a reference point to let me know what it lacks. Also, 2) are the kits usable for Monotype, Intertype and Linotype machines or is a cleaning kit specific to a particular manufacturer? Again, thanks for an excellent and informative Web site.

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linotype cleaning tools are different from ludlow. the ludlow has a handle that fits on a reamer, the same handle is used to pull the plunger out of the pot, there is also a mouthpiece cover that must be placed on the mouthpiece before you begin cleaning, when you pull the plunger, lead will squirt out the mouthpiece if you don’t cover it. there is a tool that looks like a small saw blade that has a handle, used to clean the mouthpeice. good luck dick g.

The original Ludlow cleaning kit also came with a throat scraper and a wire brush.
The kit is shown in the instruction book (for example, in the Ludlow Manual of Instructions with List of Parts, No. 9, see plate 26 and pages 127-129).