Chandler and Price will not budge

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was printing on my Chandler and Price New Series press today when it locked up in print mode when the boxcar base in the chase made contact with my paper. I turned the motor off right away. I can’t take it out of print mode or move the wheel manually. I ended up cleaning off the ink and taking the rollers off/cleaning them. Not sure if I need to loosen a certain part up or if the problem lies within the gears? It was working perfectly fine up to that point. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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sounds like tooo much pressure, like you were trying to print a large form, or you could have a gripper or two hitting the plate, i would try moving the fly wheel backwards first by trying to rock it keep jerking it it should free up, dick g.

sounds like either a side arm or main shaft has froze due to lack of oil… don’t get me wrong… not that you are not oiling… but for some reason it (the oil) did not get to where it needs to go. you may have to take a bar,,, a large (long) one to lock it in to the flywheel ,,, but go back with it. once it free’s up you may have to go back and forth from one tight spot to the other. be very careful as to when it is time to put press back into production. flush then with marvel mystery oil, then go back to your 30 weight oil. too heavy of an oil will not flow the way it should. oil going in,,, make SURE it is coming out….if yer lucky and it locked on the first hit…. well then whatever you are doing is too much for the press… best wishes

Hey Cindy! It’s Beth from 1canoe2—we met at Renegade in December!
Carrie and i had the exact same thing happen. After a few minutes of high blood pressure and not breathing, we just oiled the thing, then BOTH of us pulled/pushed the fly wheel till we could get it loose. Then we oiled some more. With us, it was a rookie mistake of too much pressure. We learned to make sure that we run at least one by hand with the exact paper we’re using to make sure it won’t lock up.

That said, ericm has some really great advice. I think I’ll print that out for next time we print! I hope it was an impression issue and not an oil issue!