Metal Type (All Sorts, Complete or close to complete sets)

I just started ordering the parts to get my new press operational and while I am waiting for the parts, I wanted to see if I could acquire at least a decent assortment of type. I am interested in all styles especially script, and am hoping that some of you out there might be able to help me out. I ask for complete or close to complete sets as I plan on really diving head first into type setting. I am aware of the existence of boxcar bases, magnetic bases, magnesium bases and such, but want to really learn typesetting before getting into working with polymer. Tips about where I might look would also be great, although I am already hawking on eBay and have been browsing a bit online here. I have a couple of sets already, but am very interested in expanding as much as possible. I particularly want a couple sets of different sizes and styles in some script fonts, but I am very open to acquiring all sorts, including ornaments, flourishes, and embellishments. Thank you all in advance!

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