Adana 5x3 vs Adana H2

Hi all,

I managed to spot both of the beauties and having difficulty choosing which to buy.

anyone has any recommendations/opinions?

thank you in advance!! :)

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Buy an 8x5 if you want to print something with it! It’s a larger press and a better choice - and it will serve you well for a long time.
Gott grüß die Kunst

thank you Jens!!

But sadly, I’m unable to get a 8x5… so its the H2 vs the 5x3.

Between these 2, which would you think would be a preferred choice?


I would go for the 5 x 3, rollers and chases etc. are still available from Caslon, but no parts are available for the HS2.

At the moment there is several 8x5 listed on British eBay – so it must be a question of money :-(
If I were you, I would wait until I could afford the 8x5. Buying a press on 6x4 or 5x3 is a waste of good money and intensions - but of course 6x4 is a little larger than 5x3!
Good luck & Gott grüß die Kunst

By the way. Right now there is a Model No. 4 (10x7.5) for sale on British eBay!!!!
Gott grüß die Kunst

a 3x5 will really limit what you can print, at least a 5x8 you can do so much more with, no matter what size you buy you will always want a bigger press, jens is right, you won’t be happy with a small press. Good Luck Dick G.

thank you guys!!! :) so i guess, out of the 5x3 and H2, i’ll just get the H2 first… then slowly upgrade :P

Jens, do you have the link for the model no.4?
cant seem to find it on ebay..

thank you Jens and John!

250 euros for this press! Not the original handle but not bad. Drukwerk in de Marge website.

image: press.jpg


Thank you Thomas!!

I went to check it out :) lovely!!
By the way, the number at the bottom, which country is it?
Would you have any idea? Because it seems that’s the only way of contacting the person.

Drukwerk in de Marge is a Dutch organisation, the correct telephone number is + 31 229 505916. Good luck.

thank you again Thomas!