Hi all - just wondering if anyone else is having difficulty using/purchasing items from the site? Everytime i try to add to cart i get a “Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access /cgi-bin/commerce.cgi on this server”.

I have tried to contact them via there email address (3-4 days ago) but i still don’t have a reply.

Just wondering if it’s them or my computer.

Thanks Jenni

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I just ordered from their site less than ten minutes ago, and it seemed to be working fine. Maybe there is something with your computer? I hate it when this sort of thing happens while ordering online!

Did you get a confirmation e-mail from them, or an invoice number?

Good luck!

I have also ordered on line but have them call me first before they start my order, just in case! Seems to go smoothly…. I have emailed them several times asking for samples, but never had a response, or received samples.
I would call them! Good Luck.

they are extremely helpful if you call! can’t get everything done via email these days, though sometimes i certainly wish i could…