Windmill central lubricating system

I purchased a Windmill a few months back (not my first) and just recently got the electrical work done. The other day I turned the machine on and began pumping the oil through. After a good 20 minutes, I still wasn’t feeling back pressure. The oil in the reservoir “moves” when I pump, but the level stays the same. Could it be clogged or something worse?

I have had this experience before with a much older press- it eventually starting drinking up the oil… Do I have something to worry about, or do you think a bit more elbow grease will do the job?

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Recently had trouble with one of my windmills doing the same thing, my friend in maine had the same problem, he found out the oil in the reservoir was too low, the line on the glass part is where we always filled the oil up to, it seems that is the minimum line for the oil, not the full line, our machines are fine now, it took several tries to get the air out of the lines. Good Luck Dick G.

The reservoir is filled as much as possible without it spilling out! Just keep pumping then? There must be a lot of air in the lines!


if you are doing this then never mind, but, when cycling the pump, pull the lever and hold it there for say, a count of 5. then release it, and let it sit then repeat. if this does not work you may have to bleed the pump. remove the line right at the pump and make sure it is pumping. with the line removed pull the lever, if/when oil comes out put your finger/ thumb over outlet to plug before allowing the lever to return. this will block air from re-entering the pump.

ericm- that is all that it took. In about 15 minutes it started working as it should. Thanks everyone! Glad I didn’t have to bleed the pump!

Cool! Good for You! enjoy your press!