Die Cutting with C&P?

So, I’ve been trying to find some information about using my machine to die cut.

Is it even possible to use a C&P to both print and die cut? I’ve seen some videos of people using the sizzix cutters in a chase, and it seems to work pretty well. Would I be able to have dies created and use them on my machine?

Thank for all the help!
Graytin Press

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Hey Joshua,

It is possible to do it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it very often or for large runs. The pressure created when die-cutting is much greater than the pressure needed to print type. Do a search on the discussion boards and you will find plenty of info on how to set up your press.

As for dies, try to get in touch with a local die manufacturer. Keep in mind, dies are not cheap. If you are just doing a few pieces you may want to outsource to someone with a laser etching machine like the Epilog and spare your antiques for another century of printing.

I’m also looking into this. Here’s a link to a question I posted back in January: http://www.briarpress.org/19291

Die cutting does not have to be exceptionally hard on any letterpress. I would argue that the deep impression, popular today, is wearing out presses faster than die cutting.
A sharp die, a jacket in good shape and proper makeready are the key to good die cutting. You should use just enough pressure to cut the paper. Areas on the die that do not cut can be made ready with a steel shim tape available at Bar-Plate or NA Graphics in various thicknesses.
Above all, use the least amount of pressure possible to achieve the desired result. Your press will last longer and your printing will look better.


Joshua,Die cutting has been done on platen and cylinder press’ for at least one hundred years. I don’t know where thousandpound press gets his info,but done correctly
it should cause no harm to a press. I have personally diecut on Kluges,C&Ps,Miehle verticals,Kelly B,Colts and Heidelbergs. All still running fine to this day. As Sumner
stated BarPlate is a good resouce for supplies.Best james