Adana Press 8x5

I am deciding to buy a Adana 8x5 printing press from ‘CASLON’, who refurbish these machine to ‘Like New’ .The price is including VAT. £581. I don’t mind spending this money, but I looking to turn a hobby into earning a little bit of pocket money by printing for others!

In 1964, I owed an Adana 5x3 press and made quite a bit of pocket money printing Visiting and Appointment cards, Notepaper, Invitations etc, etc.

If, I invest in an Adana printing press today 2010 would I be disappointed and not find any work to justify the outlay?

Can anybody give me any idea of what their experiences have been in trying to turn a hobby into profit.

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How good a salesman are you?
Business is always available but you need to go get it.


I can’t talk about selling letterpress and have only been working since the 90’s, but in terms of selling graphic design - corporate identities, stationary etc. I would say people are becoming less willing to spend money on such items - this is at least partially due to home computers and printers - people can create stationary themselves, and I believe that the sense of achievement they get from this helps them overlook the, predominantly, terrible quality.

There will always be those who appreciate good design which is well produced, and these people will provide opportunities, the explosion of letterpress stationary particularly in the States also shows a niche is there to exploit.

Generally though I feel that there will certainly be less opportunities than in the 60’s.

I also think that the price quoted by Caslon is very expensive, without wishing to upset them, you will find an 8x5 very easily somewhere like ebay for considerably less, if it only needs new rollers these are easy to get. In fact I have one in my garage which I have been thinking I should sell, having since bought a larger press…

Best of luck