Restoring a Chandler Price 10x15

Here is my beautifully restored Chandler Price 10x15 press. It’s about 105 years old. It was a gift from my husband to me for Christmas this year. The press was found in Indiana by two wonderful men by the name of Brian & John DeFelice their company is called DeFelice Engineering. They did an amazing job at restoring the press from a very rusty state to quite a beauty with gold pins strips and all. Please go to their website where you can see more restored presses.

image: DSCN6933 (Large).jpg

DSCN6933 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6928 (Large).jpg

DSCN6928 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6923 (Large).jpg

DSCN6923 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6922 (Large).jpg

DSCN6922 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6921 (Large).jpg

DSCN6921 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6920 (Large).jpg

DSCN6920 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6919 (Large).jpg

DSCN6919 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6918 (Large).jpg

DSCN6918 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6913 (Large).jpg

DSCN6913 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6912 (Large).jpg

DSCN6912 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6908 (Large).jpg

DSCN6908 (Large).jpg

image: DSCN6851 (Large).jpg

DSCN6851 (Large).jpg

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truly a beauty to behold.

That direct drive gear motor design is brilliant.

Hello. This was my gift to Tegan for Christmas and I wanted to just say Brian and John are really nice, easy to talk to, easy to work with guys and very professional. They sent us pictures each week as the press was being restored and their crate job / delivery was better than expected.

To move the press into her studio I used 1 palette jack, and 1 skinny floor jack. I made a ramp to get the press through the sliding door (which I removed). I positioned the press in the correct location. Then I cut out the middle 4x4 cross supports with a sawzall. I then put the skinny floor jack up the middle of the press and raised the front and blocked the front feet(4 2x4s cut to 8inches long stacked on top of each other), then raised the back and blocked the feet. Then I completely removed the palette leaving just the skids. Then I slowly lowered the front / back removing two blocks from each foot at a time till it was on the floor. Easier than I thought!

The variable speed motor is whisper quiet. You don’t here it at all! It just goes clippity clop, clippity clop as it moves.

Anway.. I just wanted to say thank you to the DeFelice guys!


we have pictures of moving the press into the studio if anyone is interested.

All of DeFelice’s restorations that I have seen pictures of have all been absolutely immaculate. Another job well done.

I appreciate the work horse feel of our C&P, but every once in a while ponder how much trouble it would be to neaten it up a little. The answer is always lots and lots— and then it probably wouldn’t stay that way.

Beats Jewelery or Chocolate! She should really appreciate the gift. Very nice rebuilt.