10x15 chandler price for parts?

anyone know of a 10x15 new series press for sale for parts only? or have one willing to part out?

i’m in need of a pinon gear.
thanks much!

image: pinon_gear.jpg


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If you can’t find an old one, you might be able to get a new one made. Find a shop which makes gears and give them all the parts of the old one so they can measure it, determine what pitch it is, etc. If you can’t find a gear shop, call a machine shop, as they would probably know who makes gears in your area. Some machine shops may make gears as well. Tell them what the gear will be used for because there are several “classes” of gears which relate to their quality and precision.

Printing press companies often vary the hardness of gears depending on where they are located in the press. The big, important and/or hard to replace gears are usually harder and the easy to replace gears are softer. That way, the important gears do not wear as fast and the easy-to-replace gears do take the wear, which makes any necessary gear replacement easier and less expensive. So, it would probably be good to get the replacement gear made of the same hardness as the old one.

Hopefully C&P didn’t use an odd gear pitch, so that if a new one was needed, it had to be purchased from them.

The company I work for has a source for custom made gears. I am near Toronto, Canada. Let me know if you want me to get the name of that company.

If the new style is the same as the old style I have a possible source for 10 x 15 parts. Does anyone know the compatability??

look up “cast iron repair” in your area. a good shop might possibly be able to repair yours. or steer you in the right direcction. might able to be welded or “stitched” as it is known.

Where are you located? I have a 10x15 I’m looking to get rid of in Boston.

thank you all for the input! that’s very helpful.

i dropped the gear off to advanced printers machine shop here in chicago. they assured me if they can’t do it, they will refer me to their gear manufacturing contact.

vern, as far as old series vs new series i’m looking into that & checking with the platen press museum in zion, illinois.

thanks again!