California Job Case

Does anyone have a vector or EPS file of a California Job Case that they would like to share?


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Check out this link, gives you layouts of all kinds of cases!

I am looking for a file to make a polymer plate.

HI Big Wheel,

I made this the other week. Hopefully this will help you.


image: CaliCase.jpg


Vee, Thanks, Good work.

I would love to find an antique looking case.

Also nice work on your Opening Soon website.

big wheel press, i think letterpress things, or the printing museum in north andover might have antique cases, Dick G.

I am looking to make a polymer plate of an image of a california job case.

You may have to check with The Arm but I think this is public domain. Ask Daniel.

Hi, I’m not sure of the year of your .jpg layout, but standard California job cases have caps J & U following the cap Z. Dick