Buying my first press in mexico.

Hello, i’m from Mexico and I really don’t know much about letterpress only that I think it’s beautiful. I have some money saved and i’m thinking of buying a press. I really don’t know which to buy, I saw a C&P 11” x 18” at sale from someone here in Mexico. I wouldn’t know if it’s in good conditions but this person says he fully restored it.
I have a link to some pictures and the offer,
he wants approximately 900 dollars for it.
could someone please take a look at it and help me :)

I would really like to learn , but here in Mexico the information about this is none.
thank you :) also any extra advice is welcome

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hard to tell if its in good shape or not, cxp didn’t make a 11x18, they made 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, judging by the offset press next to this press it could be a 10x15. check it over for any breaks or welds, close the press by hand then grab the platen and see if there is any play in it, there could be a little, but if it moves that means its worn. make sure there is a chase and roller cores and trucks with the press. Good Luck Dick G.

thank you, I really can’t check the machine until I have it delivered, but I’ll see what I can do, I don’t even know the name of the parts in the machine, where can I learn about this? haha :) I am totally lost, all that I know is that I want to learn

thank you :)

also, if I want it to print wedding invitations, is the 10 x 15 a good press? for starting out and learning

I think it is an 8x12. Check this out:

I can’t see a treadle in your picture.

Take a class somewhere first…there are always presses to be found.

Hola Ana!

Yo estoy en Monterrey, México y también estoy muy interesada en letterpress, mas bien obsesionada jajaja

Dejame te cuento que acabo de comprar mi prensa, una adana 8x5 estoy esperando que me llegue.

Tu donde estas? igual luego podemos intercambiar opiniones sobre letterpress.

Que estés muy bien.

hola. yo estoy en Guadalajara y me gustaria tener contacto con gente que imprima en letterpress. Acabo de comprar una Chandler & Price. [email protected]

soy Ana de Guadalajara, si alguien sabe como registrar diferentes colores en letterpress y me quiere decir se los agradeceria.

En TiYPOgrafica press Tambien hacemos LETTERPRESS en Mexico … y en algunos casos tambien lo combinamos con cerigrafia y otras tecnicas… Respecto al registro de colores ya sea con placas de de fotop o metal, nosotros dejamos unos puntos de referencia en cada placa todos cargados en un mismo lado … Una vez terminado el tiraje cortamos ese sobrante de las tarjetas y listo!
Si alguien tiene una tecnica secreta nos encantaria aprenderla.. Nos encuentran en :
PAG. ….