need help

Hello Everyone, I am new for the letterpress. I have a kluge and I am having problem with paper delivery.I replace new hoses but it does not help. It only pick ut paper for a second then drop it right away. Please help. Thanks

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Go to this website and download the Kluge Model D manual.

just had the same problem with my kluge, changed my delivery suckers, although they looked ok they wouldn’t work. Dick G.

Refer to the manual in my previous post.

Is it a feeding problem? See page 11 and 16 of the manual. Is it delivery of the printed sheet? See the last paragraph on page 25. You might need to flush the pump. See page 26.

I read this manual cover-to-cover from time to time. I often find things I didn’t understand in previous readings or just didn’t remember.

I had this happen a Kluge once, I cleaned the pump, replaced hoses, suckers and everything I could think of. It drove me nuts for 3 days…it ended up being the ball bearing in the head unit was dirty so I had a vacuum leak.
I usually start at one thing then just keep going until I find the problem…you’ll work it out…

Thanks for sharing. Do you think that it might has a wrong timming? It seem to have suction before it hit the paper to deliver.