Chases, Exposure unit, Quoins, Paper cutter

I am helping a friend to sell some of his letter press equipment. He has a large assortment of things, for example:
California type drawers filled with type $40
Empty CA drawers $20
Type in plastic drawers $10-20
Plunger cans $15 used
Challenge quoins
Tens of different sizes of chases, mainly large ones 15x10” and larger. $50
Spring Gauge Pins $1.50 each
numberin machines
tray of cuts and borders for holidays.
Paper Folders
2 Heidelbergs
Light tables $100-250
Drafting Tables$100
Available to see in Tacoma WA. Email with offers or inquiries of what we have. I have posted some pictures on flickr:

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image: Cutter 051.jpg

Cutter 051.jpg