Letterpress paper in color?


I’m trying to find a very soft/light pink color paper of a nice, heavy weight (ideally 140 lb or thicker) to print on. The closest colored paper I’ve found is French Paper’s “Insulation Pink” from their Construction paper line, but it’s just not a heavy enough paper, and really it’s a touch too light in shade.

If anyone has any recommendations I would really really appreciate it!


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You don’t say what kind of surface you would like, but Bugra can be duplexed and comes in some really nice colors, including pink. Available from Atlantic Papers. http://www.atlanticpapers.com/

Check out Arturo Pink. 260g

cranes has a pink in their palette line.

Wasn’t Palette discontinued?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

really? Im not sure. I guess I should look into it.

I think it may have been, but plenty of places still have dead stock of it.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the suggestions! I’m going to try the Arturo.