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Hello Earl, Back in the day at The...17 Nov
I hope you got some! DGM7 Sep
Yes, it will! Be careful. I remember...3 Aug
Thanks, guys. Stephen- I think you...25 Jun
Good question, Frank. The other fonts...24 Jun
That's a good tip, James. Here is the...6 Jun
Agreed- very clean type from Skyline....3 Jun
Is this type brass, or is that just the...5 Apr
Here is a good...1 Apr
They are in the manual. You can still...17 Mar
Alan's brother Steven has posted a very...9 Mar
Go to the ad, select Edit in the...20 Feb
Is your goal to sell that 3000 lbs back...7 Feb
It’s a heavy loss. I too just...17 Jan
Flywheel-driven platen presses are a...14 Jan
It looks like a pretty standard...12 Jan
There are small changes, but it is...10 Jan
Hello Simon, Did you have any luck...28 Dec
Very cool. I recall that years ago Arie...17 Dec
The Vandercook part is on the NA...8 Dec
Thanks for making the trip over there....7 Dec
macernst- If you have any of that...19 Nov
Thank you for your input. This...18 Nov
I am sorry to hear this. Bob was a...9 Nov
Have you tried running a few prints by...2 Nov
Here are a few of Fritz' albums from...28 Oct
This is great, Stephen. Is there...18 Oct
This is great news, Fritz. You probably...17 Jun
Scott Moore at Moore Wood Type...28 Jan
Those machines are at Woodside Press...9 Nov
Are you also missing the bed? DGM3 Nov
The Payson Library at Pepperdine has...12 Oct
If memory serves correctly, there is a...6 Sep
Your press has the bottom gear and even...12 Aug
I think we need some pictures!3 Aug
I think we need some pictures!3 Aug
If the block is getting filled up, I...10 Mar
The critical adjustment is the gap...4 Mar
Kelsey had a bunch of pivotal casters....26 Feb
This doesn't appear to be a printer's...16 Feb