Windmill with Dual Voltage GE Motor?

I am interested in running my Heidelberg on 115VAC, but my GE dual voltage motor is missing the wiring diagram telling how to configure the wires to be run on this voltage. Does anyone else have a Heidelberg platen with a dual voltage GE motor? I am told the wiring schematic should be on the inside of the cover plate on the motor, but on my press this cover plate is not original and has no schematics!

Does anyone by any chance have one they could photograph for me?

Daniel Gardiner Morris
The Arm Lettrepress
Brooklyn, NY

image: gemotor.jpg

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I’ll see if I have a wiring diagram.

Do you have a breaker/wiring capable of 24amps over 115v?


Hey, Brad! Yes, I can handle the amps. I am just not eager to run 220 to the area where I’d like to put the press.

Thanks for checking for me!


Does it have 10 wires, all numbered, black in color?


It does!

My records indicate that it should be:

1 and 3 together and connected to - (black) wire
2 and 4 together and connected to + (red) wire
6, 8, 9 together
5, 7, 10 together

I think switching the 5 and 8 wire would/should reverse rotation.

I can’t be 100% that this is for your motor, but it seems to fit the bill based on what I chased down a few years ago for my a friend’s GE TriClad 2hp Induction Motor.

Make sure your platen’s clutch is disengaged when you flip the switch!

Please be careful and report back with your progress.


Thanks so much, Brad! I am excited to try this out. I will absolutely report back once I have.


It’s alive!!!

Thanks again, Brad. I am so lucky that you take good notes.


Glad to hear it worked!