not moving ink drum

Hello community.
I have a Heidelberg Windmill. There is a problem with the ink head.
The main paint drum does not swing back and forth. I see there is not enough for one detail.
Does anyone have parts book for windmills 10 x 15?
Maybe scheme?
I need to understand what is missing, what would the shaft moved from side to side.

Thank you

image: $_1.jpg


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check the gear-side that the oscillation gear on the drum shaft is intact. Then check if the U clasp, mounted under it and attached the the gear-side casting, is there and not damaged. That’s what makes it oscillate. Really easy to see as well.

If it is literally the Ink Drum not reciprocating, (Turning but not reciprocating), The visible Cog revolves it, the reciprocation unit, is concealed within the Drum, involving a Brass Peg and a *Crescent Moon* driver/ramp incorporated on the main shaft.
Possibly the cause of the problem, possibly also wear and or lack of lubrication. Only lubricated via one of the small bore pipes, from the central Pump/Reservoir Just possibilities.!!

It seems the parts book is not easy to get from the usual locations at this time.

Send me a message via PM and I can email you a pdf file. (24MB)


There is a rod inside the shaft.
On the web there is a detail from the grooves. The photo shows a red arrow.
Here is the item with nothing communicates that it should.

image: 2.jpg


Here is the detail. See attached photo.
From what she has to move? To it must touch the rod
But I have nothing touches it. What part is missing?

image: 20140911_072845-22.jpg


My main issue.
What part interacts with Ink Oscillating Track for Crescent?

image: ink track.jpg

ink track.jpg

I found it!
T0627 and T0670

Please tell me where in Europe you can order this item?

Thank you!

image: detail.jpg


Alexsas, Apologies my effort was just the wrong way round, I.E. steel peg operating in Brass Crescent. In virtually every case one or the other is sacrificial.
A good start for parts would be U.K. *SENIOR GRAPHICS* International *T* + 44 1924 386386 E Mail [email protected] or [email protected]
Good Luck.

Mick on Monotype! Thank you!

Is it difficult to remove the main ink drum on these presses? Mine has some deep scoring to the surface and I was able to source another. If anyone happens to know, I am interested in knowing what I’ll be up against for the swap.