Didot to American height

Does anyone have experience or information leading to a machine shop capable of accurately milling 36-point type to .918”? Thanks and best, Earl 917 478 8009

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Hello Earl,
Back in the day at The Dale Guild we did some of this one line at a time on a Bridgeport mill on the 24 point sorts that accompany the 12 pt Parsons. It required very careful setup with steel furniture on the ends and slow passes taking a little at a time.

We did have some loss, but the casters were right in the next room. I know Theo also attempted to mill type on his Vandercook block leveler (now at Virgin Wood Type), but deemed that project a failure. The type at center was shorter than the type at the outer edges. He attributed this to either lockup error or the upward pull of the vacuum that clears the debris.