which Elrod?

Hi all,
I have just taken delivery of 2 Elrod strip casters, a model F and a model K. I am aware that the F will do a greater range of strips and rules, but is it the better model?
Both machines were fully functional up until about 5 years ago - they were simply switched off and put at the back of the warehouse. They are covered in dust adhered to the Elrod oil that is liberally coating the machines.The machines came with more than 60 different molds for slugs and rules.
I am planning to get both going , after which I might sell one, or if I can, swap it for a Ludlow to complete my foundry machinery.
Has anyone out there got first hand experience with both these models, and if so can you suggest which one is the better?
many thanks.

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I have no firsthand experience with either the model F or the model K (I haven’t even got my Model E running yet), but my understanding is that the model K was a later, lighter-duty machine intended for smaller shops.

I’ve scanned a brochure for the Model K; it’s at:

The Elrod manuals are online on Lance Williams’ site; see:


Of the manuals, you DEFINITELY want to get the “James Parrish Draft” of the E, F, and K manuals. It contains not only the manuals, and some of Jim Parrish’s notes, but also all of the Ludlow company service documents for the machines. Essential.

Here are three other Elrod brochures:




Have fun with these! If you weren’t on the other side of the world, I’d gladly swap you a Ludlow for one of them :-)

David M. MacMillan

Yeah, distance is a bit of a problem down here, both in the extent of letterpress and the more limited availability of machinery and equipment.
I’ll let you know when I have one or both Elrods up and running.

I have both a F and K Elrod and operate them from time to time. The K is a newer and lighter duty machine producing up to 18pt strip material. The F will produce up to 36pt strip material. Both machines have an electric pot which I believe is more user friendly than a gas pot. For 2pt material the K cannot be beaten and does a fine job on 6pt (the easiest to pull). The F does a good job on 2pt and 6pt and on up. Both are useful machines to have since strip material and rules are always in demand.
John Finch

Thanks John,
The K I now have was stopped midstream pulling a 2pt strip so I guess the previous owner thought it best for that job.
I believe the 1pt strips and hair rules are the problem ones, so I’ll try with both before making a decision which to pass on. Ita hard to tell by looking at them which has done the most work.
Is anyone aware of a serial number/date listing that may be available for Elrods as they are for C&P presses?

>Is anyone aware of a serial number/date listing that may be available for Elrods

Dave Seat as them online on his website at:


David M. MacMillan

Thanks David,
Exactly what I needed.

I have a tool box and molds for a Model F. Any interest in buying my stuff?