Setting Blade on Hydraulic Cutter

I have just changed the blade on a C&P hydraulic cutter I picked up a while back and I am realizing I don’t know the proper procedure for setting the blade on such a cutter. How do you get it so that the blade is in the down position sitting on the cutting stick so you can set it level and lock it in?

It was obvious to me on my old hand lever cutter, but now I am baffled and without a manual.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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Dan, i have a copy of a manual for the 30” challenge, if you want i’ll make you a copy.

That would extremely helpful!


Hey Dan-

All the Challenge manuals are still here:

maybe find an old hydraulic model that is similar to your C&P?

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dick & other Dan,
The Challenge site has provided everything I needed. I even realized that the measuring tape I need for my cutter has a proper name and can still be ordered. I thought it was a lost cause!

Thanks guys!

This is the link for the back gauge tapes if anyone is curious.

image: window.jpeg