Alan Runfeldt

Our friend Alan Runfeldt, letterpress printer, teacher and champion of the Kelsey platen press, passed away last night after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

For those who knew Alan, I will post memorial info as it becomes available.


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I am very saddened by this news even though I expected it. Alan has been a friend and correspondent for many years, and we have helped each other with many different projects.

I am very sadden by this news. I was visiting with him past week and he was very weak, and spoke to him Sunday. I only know Alan for a few years and he has help me and the National Museum of Industrial History many times. He has been a true friend and mentor to me. His collection he donated to us will be proudly displayed with lots of memories.
Thank you Alan, you will be missed.

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Alan’s contributions to letterpress are worthy of deserved recognition. RIP friend

Alan made so many great contributions to the field and was so welcoming and helpful to so many printers—both new and old. He will be fondly remembered and missed.

Rest In Peace, Alan.

I am so grateful for Alan. His kindness and enthusiasm for printing was contagious. He was very kind to me when I first became interested in printing and cheered me on for years! May his loved ones find comfort in his goodness.

Sad to hear this. I never had a chance to meet Alan, but he was a wealth of knowledge for the community and I (like so many other newer printers, I’m sure) have learned so much from the information he shared on his Excelsior Press site.

RIP Alan

So sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathy to Alan’s family and friends. Rest in Peace Alan.

I am so sorry to learn this. Alan was always kind, cheerful, and ready to help. May his knowledge and generosity live on in all of us whom he reached.

So sorry to hear this. Alan was always very helpful to and patient with me, even though we were 1200 miles apart. Requiescat in pace.

Alan’s brother Steven has posted a very nice tribute over on Facebook. The link is here.


I’m sorry to hear this as well. Alan was always helpful and interesting to talk to and I’m sorry I never got to meet him. His knowledge and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN