Korrex spares wanted

Hello everyone –

I’m mad at myself!

I have a Korrex Nurnberg proofing press, and have managed to bend out of shape one of the brass paper guides which sit on the gripper bar.

Note to self: ALWAYS check the bed is clear of furniture, quioins etc before printing.

Does any one know where I might be able to get a replacement. I have scoured the internet, but with no luck.

I suspect these might be standard, so possibly similar from a Vandercoock/Grafik/FAG might work?

Many thanks

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The Vandercook part is on the NA Graphics website. What do yours look like?


Hi Daniel –

Many thanks for your reply, and these look like they might do the job. As I suspected, the postage cost from the US to UK is HUGE, but I guess that’s the price of not clearing the press bed before printing.

Here’s a photo of the one I mangled. They are a little more square than the Vandercook guides, and measure 16x21mm.

I might contact NA Graphics and find out what size theirs are.

Thanks again

image: IMG0966.jpg


That guide is something easily made with just a few hand tools (files, pliers, drill), and 2-point type-high brass rule could be suitable stock.

Hi Parallel Imp –

You make it sound easy! I do have these things, and might give that a go over the holiday season. Thanks for the tip.

The paper guides are not standard. I can send you by post a set of brand new ones, laser cut out of stainless steel. A set contains 4 paper guides, they come at 10 euros a piece. Can easily be popped in a normal envelope and posted. Send me an email if interested.

Hi Thomas –
Many thanks for your offer, I did manage to source some replacements from beyondletterpress.com here in the UK, which sound very similar to how you have produced replacements, but good to know another source for the future!

Thanks again