Type Identification


I work at a museum and recently came across this typeface does not have a font name on the drawer. Any guidance is appreciated.

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Hereʻs a link to the photo since I canʻt seem to upload it thru the website:



Has this face a pinmark? If so, then that would probably make identification easier. Also, if foundry type, the cap H and lowercase m might bear a series number, if it’s an ATF product that was cast after they started putting them on.

Is this type brass, or is that just the light reflecting off of it?


It looks like Modern Lining Antique, a BB&S face.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I think you are right JHenry.

If you look in the BB&S specimen book, the link to which was posted in this same “Discussion” section on April 1, look on pages 202-203.