Advice on buying an Adana T48

I’m looking at taking my first step into press ownership having been working on a vandercook no.4 for a while at my university.

I’ve found what appears to be an Adana T48 in ok-ish condition, press seems fine but rollers have melted and needs a good clean.

I wondered if this would make a good first press how much they normally go for in the UK? and if there are any problems I would need to look out for?


ps. I was also wondering what the pictured foot pedal type thing is?

image: picture 2010-05-11 at 09.58.55.JPG

picture 2010-05-11 at 09.58.55.JPG

image: picture 2010-05-11 at 09.59.40.JPG

picture 2010-05-11 at 09.59.40.JPG

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The ‘thing’ sitting on the floor is actually a very early version of the Adana Quarto flatbed presses. They were made out of wood and metal. It looks like there is only one arm left to hold the rollers. Check out the manuals on Briar Press, I uploaded an Adana one, which has got images of the flatbed press in it.
As for the price of the T48, it all depends on what you’re willing to pay for it, or what the seller asks. I wouldn’t give more then 500 euros/pounds for it.

images of the T48

image: adana_high-speed_2_manual 3.jpg

adana_high-speed_2_manual 3.jpg

image: adana_high-speed_2_manual 2.jpg

adana_high-speed_2_manual 2.jpg

and a photo of the thing on the floor, the Adana HQ

image: Picture 1.jpg

Picture 1.jpg

I guessed there would be a lot of UK lurkers looking at this.

The person selling it isn’t the owner, more a broker.

If I had the time I’d go up and have a look at it before bidding. There are a lot of unknown quantities.

It will probably go for a lot less than an 8x5.

Please don’t call me a ‘UK lurker’.

Ha Ha, no I actually meant ebay lurkers.

If there is anyone of the lurking variety here it’s most definitely me.

Hope no offence was caused Thomas.


Did you notice that the flywheel is missing on the T/P48?

Probably taken off to ease transport.

This may come too late, sorry.