Heidelberg grease guns

Does anyone have any tips on filling heidelberg plunger type grease guns? I cant seem to ever get the grease to come out right. I am running an older model KSBA.

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If the “grease” gun is like the one I have for my 10 x 15—it is not a grease gun but made for an oil to lube the zirks. Grease is too thick for the Heidelberg 10 x 15 zirks. If you have a Heidelberg manual it will have something on lubing the machine.

KSBA grease gun larger than the oil gun with a pointed tip.Check your manual if you don’t have one you can download from boxcar. I may not be doing it right but for mine I take off the cover use an ink knife to add grease to the gun. When you push it against the grease points you are doing it right if you see old gease being pushed out. There are about 9 points that need grease the rest are done with the Heid oil gun or a regular oil can.

The Heidelberg (and other European) oil fittings look like American Zerk grease fittings, with rounded nipple. Mistakenly greasing your press’s oil fittings can cause serious damage in the long run.
Filling the grease gun, with pointed tip, is not hard. I spoon in the grease, push it down, and tap the gun until the grease settles down into the barrel.
The manual shows the specific grease points (all depressions) under the feedboard, with angle of attack; plus there is one on the end of the bed, and one on the motor pulley. And maybe one on the drive side; there’s a yellow hole under the side lay lever, with no fitting on any K press I have seen. I am told it is for grease, but have no proof.

Yes, on my KSBA there is a oil/grease instructions on the press. Under the feed plate it says which points need the grease. But I have 3 different grease guns and I have filled all of them with grease but when I push the plunger down, nothing comes out… maybe just a little. I don’t think enough grease is coming out to sufficiently be effective. Its almost like it feels like air is trapped in the guns, but I have tried filling the guns with my fingers and tamping it in with a piece of furniture and also by sucking the grease up by actually sticking the open end in the grease and pulling it up by the small end… NOT WORKING! I’m very frustrated. By the way, one of my guns is brand new.