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Can anyone can help with the weight of a Reliance hand press? There is one that is being picked up next week and I’m not sure the size, however, it’s not the Baby Reliance. I don’t know if there were several made but any help would be much appreciated.


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Where is it being picked up and from whom? I’d like to update the record, if I have it, in the North American Hand Press Database.

There were several models of Reliance, ranging from the Midget Reliance, which I think was about 600lbs, up through the several models of the Reliance, 20th Century Reliance, the Reliance Lion, Mammoth, and Mastodon models. The latter weighed 5000lbs. I think the 17x22 size range weigh about 1800lbs. So the size and model are pretty important for a reasonably accurate weight.


I found my file with the Wm. A Field Reliance press sizes — Field was successor to Shniedewend:

Wm. A. Field Reliance Press Standard Sizes (1915+ Field Catalog)
(Also predecessor Paul Shniedewend & Co.?)

Model Bed Platen Weight

Baby 12x14 ins 9x12 ins 325 lbs
Midget 17x21 ins 14-1/2x18-1/2 ins 700 lbs
1A 19x24 ins 16x21 ins 1300 lbs
AA 24x29 ins 20x25 ins 1600 lbs
2B 25x31 ins 21x27 ins 2200 lbs
Lion 26x35 ins 23x32 ins 3700 lbs

Hope that helps



Thank you for the information. Once I get more detail I’ll send it your way.

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I just moved a Reliance and I truly doubt that it is only 1500lbs. Even disassembled the dead weight of the frame is easily 1000 lbs. And you must remove as many parts as possible for a safe move. Take lots of photos before, during and after disassembly. Also consider the height and width…mine is exactly 36 inches wide and barely fit through my door. And it had to be tilted back because of its height…all in all lots of fun…but now it is safe in its new home.