Letterpress equipment- misc.shop items & equipment

My Father had a small print shop at home and aquired quite a collection of old type and equipment. Some examples of items being offered for sale are: (3) C&P motorized platen presses ( 1 old series & 2 new series. one has a Kluge autofeed attached), an Elrod ( makes lead slugs), lead type, slugs, etc. I have a Vandercook 4 proof press I may also consider selling too. Also…for parts…a C&Pmotorized platen ‘craftsman’ model. It however has been under the shed and has accumilated some rust, of course ( I have the ink plate & ink fountian removed if anyone is interested in either of these parts). If interested and you would like to come to by and look…feel free to contact me. Please be aware…there will be some rigging involved to move equipment. Shop door is lower than a truck bed ( only 12” or less high)…shop is actually an addition onto the car garage.All equipment, etc will have be sold on a pick up basis.All offers on equipment will be considered.I’m getting lot’s of response already..so If you call and don’t get an answer please leave a mesage and I’ll return your call in the order it was recieved.Looks like the pics.didn’t load…email me if you’d like for me to send you the pics.Thanks, Jimmy.

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image: c&p new & old series.reduced sizeJPG.JPG

c&p new & old series.reduced sizeJPG.JPG

image: C&P autofeed.JPG

C&P autofeed.JPG

image: c&p new series.JPG

c&p new series.JPG

image: inkplate & foutian.JPG

inkplate & foutian.JPG