Ghosting on a Windmill

No rider roller on my press. I get ghosting on anything larger than a nickel. I add a touch of Opaque White to even out the ink but that doesn’t help.

What else can I do?

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Have you tried ?

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I called up Don Black and he has a rider roller for the Windmill I’ll purchase which should do the trick.

Your best bet is to try and find a rider. I run into the same problem and find the either reducing the speed or increasing the speed of the press can help. One other thing might help, make sure that your roller trucks are not slipping or spinning. I use violin rosin on my trucks to keep them sticky.

Updated. Did you solve your ghosting (roller slur) problem? I have the same problem on my C&P and have not solved it yet. I may try the violin rosin suggested. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have cleaned the runners and am using new trucks. Sometimes changing the speed of the press does help, but does not eliminate it completely. I’m a perfectionist so I’ve got to solve this! Would new rollers make any difference? Mine are old, functional, but old. ***by the way, what is a “rider roller”?

I recently bought a Rider Roller and hopefully it will help with the larger areas of ghosting.

What is a Rider Roller? pardon my ignorance :-)

On my Windmill it’s a metal roller that rides on top above and in between the two form rollers. It helps with the ink distribution on the form rollers as they pass over the form and back up. So with the small amount of ink that is on the Rider Roller it will clear up the ghosted image on the form roller. The ghosting only happens when I’m printing a half dollar or greater size image.