adjusting platen without type?

hi all. i always use photopolymer plates on my press (a golding pearl platen) so i have a little problem trying to see if my platen needs adjusting… i don’t own any type! anyone have any hints to adjusting the platen?! i have a recurring problem of uneven inking (always in the same place) which i attribute to the platen being out of alignment.

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1-Make sure the ink is even on the ink disk and rollers.
2-Place your largest form or plate in the chase.
4-Noodle with your nuts and pins.
5-Repeat step 3 and 4 until you get a nice print.
6-Print your edition.

You don’t mention the site of the uneven inking. If your rollers are getting ink from the ink disk, but the forme isn’t receiving ink from the rollers, then your problem could be either with the rails or the trucks.
Check the rails for any buildup, especially at the point where you’re not getting ink. Oftentimes printers use elevator tape to build-up worn-down rails; it’s possible that there may be an uneven amount of tape at your trouble spot.
Are you using adjustable trucks? If so, check the true of the rubbers, and if there are any worn areas, try replacing them. Avoid storing your rollers on-press for long periods of time, as this will cause the rubbers to flatten at their contact points.
One thing to remember about adjusting your platen is that the adjusting piece is a hex bolt/screw combination; the nut you loosen is merely a set-nut. Loosen it, then lock-on to the hexbolt and incrementally tighten/loosen as necessary (in your case, if indeed the forme in one area isn’t making as deep an impression as others on the platen, you’ll want to loosen the hex-bolt, thereby raising the platen).
Good luck!

thanks for the hints… and i apologize in advance for any ‘cluelessness’. i am pretty new to this. i bought my press in july.

anyway, uneven inking… it’s really odd. what happens is once i get the press up and inked, the plate always prints heavy on one side and it’s always toward the bottom of the base/chase. once i get things cranking for awhile the ink gets real light and i have to hit the plate two sometimes three times between impressions BUT i can get a solid print of the whole image.

there is no tape on the rails… they seem pretty smooth. my trucks are plain plastic. the guy i bought the press from says the rollers and trucks are in good shape, as is the ink disk. they seem ok to me (from what i can tell). also, i am using a boxcar base.

i am printing something tonight. i’m going to grab some images and scan them to post.

thank you SO MUCH for all your help.