Dodson (C&P) 10x15 Questions

I posted this on Letpress but wanted as wide an audience as possible.

Here goes:

I have a new (to me) Dodson 10x15. These were actually made by C&P and were some of their later presses. Several improvements that I will not go into now.

I have some questions if any of you knowledgeable folks can help me out.

Photo 001 shows the press.

Photo 002 is a closer view of the ink disk and upper part of the rails and rollers.

Photo 003-Annotated shows a hole where a roller fixture apparently goes… but one was not included with the press.

Question 1. Should I find a replacement (is it necessary for the operation of the press) and is this supposed to be a double roller like the one currently on the press or a single roller?

Photo 006-Annotated shows the roller shaft and roller diameters. Which seem a bit odd to me but were double checked with a digital

Question 2. Are these standard items and can I just order replacements from someone?

Photo 007-Annotated shows the length of the steel roller shaft (21 3/4”) and the length of the rollers themselves (16 1/2”).

Last question: How do you remove these rollers?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I’d say, without knowing the press, that it’s missing another set of roller rods and saddles for two more rollers. One way to check is if when the press is fully open do the existing rollers clear the bottom of the chase enough to be able to remove it? If so, it should print OK with just those two rollers but coverage on a heavy forme would be better with four. The difference in diameter between trucks and rollers is about right if the rails are type high. Removing the rollers looks tricky. Is the round headed pin on the left side saddle removable easily? If so you can remove that saddle and get the rollers off that way. If not I don’t see a way to get them off (unless of course the lifting pin on the other side comes out).



I’m not sure that the press you have was manufactured by C&P. There are several notable differences that make this unlikely. I know Dodson did, at one point, rebrand C&P platens. However I believe they also manufactured their own presses as well. Toward the end of their time C&P was making an N-model platen as well as the heavy duty Craftsman line. Perhaps they were also manufacturing Dodson presses based on Dodson specs?

If this were a rebadged C&P I would think typical 10x15 rollers would work. I will try to get some measurements when I am back at the shop. I would think as long as your roller shaft is the correct diameter and length you can deviate slightly in the roller diameter. You’d just have to have trucks to match.

You can use only two rollers. It’s like that this press had a single roller saddle in addition to the double saddle, but it’s also possible that there was a second double saddle—for a total of four form rollers. The more form rollers you are using the more ink coverage you’ll be able to get. If you’re only printing smaller forms, though, two rollers should be adequate.

I can’t tell how one might remove the rollers from this press. It looks like the roller shaft passes through a solid iron block of a saddle. Perhaps just lifting the right saddle up will allow you to slip the left side of the rollers from the left saddle? Seems like a strange feature to add…


Ah HA! Further examination of the press cleared up at lest one issue… how to get the rollers off.

Look here:

See the little hole? That hole is only visible when the springs are at the extreme end of their travel.

Then doing this takes the tension off the saddles and rollers when the press is slowly rotated a bit:

Just poke a pin in that hole and it takes the tension off the spring rod.

With the rollers held above the ink disk, the center pin in the saddle then taps out:

These next shots show the happy ending:

David Hauser at Tarheel was kind enough to check and it appears the rollers and cores are standard C&P units for the C&P 10x15.

Now I just need the saddle and spring rod for the missing lower roller.


Wow. What a process just to get the rollers off. Makes me wonder if this wasn’t some elaborate method to avoid potential patent infringement. I don’t know much about these Dodson presses, but it looks very interesting. Nice full-length rails are a feature missing from NS C&Ps… but added for the Craftsman and N-model presses.

Ah ha! I thought that might be the kind of method to remove the rollers. Congrats on figuring it out. One pair of rollers will get you printing while you see about getting another set of rods and saddles for a second pair. Good Luck!

I don’t suppose the pin hole in the end of the rod is the same diameter as the roller core end? You could run a single roller on it if it is.


You might have luck in finding a single or even double saddle for a NS 10x15 C&P. Try Dave Churchman… he usually has these parts available.

Bob, the pin hole is too small to accept a roller shaft.

dicharry, I contacted Dave and he is looking for a saddle/rod/spring set this weekend.


Roller removal with the pins in the holes was dead easy. Great system actually.

I miced the trucks after getting everything off and they are round. The rails are steel instead of cast iron and show little to no wear… and they are dead flat when a machinist’s ground bar is used to check them. They are also removable should any machining ever need be done. Nice touch.

I will get some shots of the old motor later today to see if anyone can identify it. It looks similar to the old Victors.


Delighted to report that Tom delivered the Dodson to my workspace in Tallahassee!

New Tarheel rollers with a Kimble motor. The cleaning begins. :)