Debossing on 100% cotton card???


Can anybody help me regarding debossing on an Adana 8x5 printing press?

I find the technique of debossing wrapped in mystery in terms of a definite method on how to achieve it. I have seen examples of debossing on various web sites and it’s looks great, but very little information on how to achieve the effect is offered.

I was lead to believe that the only way to achieve the deboss effect was to print on 100% cotton based card or paper. I managed to obtain some free samples of 300grm 100% cotton card from GF Smith UK, who specialise in cotton cards and papers.

I am using a 16 gauge Magnesium mounted block, containing mainly text, which is printing on the cotton card with a good clean inked image, but no deep impression deboss effect is produced on the 300grm. card?

I have also applied different types of pressures against card and block, but the text is not biting into the card??

Can anybody HELP!!! Please.

Kind regards

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Hi Rob,
I work in a museum printing shop and we have a 1930s debossing show card press,the way ours works is that you place a piece of card on the sliding table then place paper on top of the card then place the brass type on top of that, the type differs from usual letterpress type because you only have the outer edges of the letter it is not solid type the card,paper and type are then placed under the press and the handle pulled down,this forces the type into the paper and on into the card,the whole thing is then removed from press where the type is removed and the paper is peeled away to leave the debossed lettering in the card.