Restoring an Adana No. 2 High Speed Press

Hi guys,

I recently purchased an old Adana No. 2 press and would like to restore it back to working condition if at all possible.

Letterpress printing and machines are new to me and any tips from others who have tackled a job like this would be greatly appreciated. (I’ve had a bit of a look around this site but can’t find much.)

I’m after info about what cleaners/grease/oil would be best to use to get the paint and rust off etc as i’ve read these machines are made mostly from ‘pot metal’ and don’t want to use anything too harsh. Also it doesn’t move very freely, so I’m wondering whether it would be best to take it all apart, clean, grease and put it back together with new screws etc?

I can see that there are some parts missing too, like the rollers and the gripper bar isn’t in very good condition either. I’m just hoping to get it into a reasonable condition for printing and do not mind if it’s not totally like new again.

Thanks :)

image: AdanaHS2.jpg


image: AdanaHS2_Sideleft.jpg


image: AdanaHS2_Side.jpg


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A PDF of the manual for the HS press can be found on this site and downloaded. Plenty of posts on Adanas exist. It needs some digging, but it’s there. Start with cleaning, getting rid of the rust, grease and oil the machine and look for a pair of rollers and roller trucks. Take a look in the directory. Elisabeth Evans sells rollers and trucks. Good luck.

Thanks, yes I found the manuals. I have decided to take it all apart and use a rust converter and paint stripper to clean it up. Hopefully I can put it all back together again when its done.