‘Scrapbook’ letterpress…

A little while ago ther was a thread discussing a small, plastic ‘letterpress’ available at art stores.
I thought I share a story about such a ‘press’

A few weeks ago a bride and her mother came into my shop with a problem. They were real excited about printing their own invites and saw one on the web and decided it would be great fun to take pictures of themsevles printing the invites. So they bought one.
They purchased some 220lb lettra and they were all set to go.
They wanted a nice deep impression of a 4” circle, similar to a coaster, on a 5 1/4” sheet.
Needless to say on the 3rd sheet the entire thing fell apart with broken pieces rolling around on the inside of it.
They found me on the web and came in to see if I could help them get the job done. I learned that they paid almost $300.00 for the ‘press’, purchased a plate, and drove over 2 hours to purchase it since they couldn’t find one locally.
They werereally bummed when I told them I could’ve done the job for not much more than they spent.
I was able to use their plate, stuck it on my boxcar base and hand fed 100 pieces on my C&P in about 30 minutes.

I am all for the new generation of people getting excited about letterpress…I even do classes here in my shop for designers.

But remember….letterpress isn’t scrapbooking, a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, a screwdriver doesn’t make you a mechanic and a letterpress doesn’t make you a printer.

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