C&P share and Challenge proof press blanket questions

I recently brought home this 1905 C&P OS. It was really filthy. I had a fun time cleaning and refurbishing this old press. It came with a straight shaft and a motor (anybody want a motor?) http://www.flickr.com/photos/8752626@N05/sets/72157624430722540/ and I had a treadle waiting for just the right press so we took the crank shaft from another Gordon style press (circa 1884 I think) and had it machined it to fit the C&P. Treadles beautifully now and is nice, clean and freshly oiled with refinished feedboards. The guard seems like it was from a later press so I didn’t put it back on. There were no attaching points on the press that corresponded to the bolts coming from the guard.
Cleaning tools were a toothbrush, Q-tips, scotchbrite, a small chiseling tool for dried ink, fine emery cloth, pipe cleaner, solvent, WD 40 and elbow grease. I wanted the press as genny as possible. Here is a before and after.
I think she came out beautiful.
Here is a link to a few more pictures in the torn down state.

I also picked up a Challenge proof press yesterday and I was wondering if there are resources for getting a new felt blanket made for it. It has the old one but I would like a new one. Are there directions out there for making a new one? Could I get a thin etching blanket and just sew it on?

Thanks for letting me share. :o)


image: before.jpg


image: left side after.jpg

left side after.jpg

image: right side red.jpg

right side red.jpg

image: Challenge.jpg


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Connie…. both of those are very nice presses. You should be a happy printer!

About your Galley Proof Press….. yes, you need a felt blanket for it, if you want to use it as it was intended to be used…. but no, you don’t need to have one specially made. I use a galley press for a lot of different things, and make all of my own blankets from etching press blankets cut to fit. If you cut the width about 1/4” oversize, and the circumference about 1/2” to 5/8” short, you can stitch it right on without any problems. When you do, it stretches in length and comes in one the sides…. and viola! I use a “baseball” stitch with two needles for mine…. but it’s not really critical.

Thanks! I think I even have some extra etching blankets. Excellent!