Have Columbian Press I want to sell, how much is it worth?

Hi everyone,

I’ve acquired a Columbian 1860 press. no: 1006.
I’m a blacksmith not a printer so know little about its history other than it is good working order and it is complete. I have tympan and frisket frames I think only the cloth needs replacing as it is a bit tatty. Blankets came with it too.

I may consider selling it but I live in the UK. I’ve heard they are more desirable in the US?
It’s platten size is 30” x 21” or 760mm x 534mm.
It’s height is 2250mm (7ft 5”) tall to the top of the eagle- is this the largest of the Columbians?

It is currently rather faded and needs repainting but I’m wondering if it’s worth me doing this as I’m unsure of original paint colours. At the moment it is black with the details picked out in goldy yellow and various different colours on the cornucopia

If I did sell, what price would you suggest I advertise it for?

I guess shipping is going to be quite expensive due to it’s weight.

Has anyone got any ideas on this subject?
Looking forward to your advice.


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