What would you suggest for a second press?

Hi, We have a beautifully restored Chandler & Price 8x12 Old Style that we are really enjoying. I think we have caught the bug because we are pondering the idea of buying a second press. What press would you suggest we buy to help us with our business?

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I think it depends on your business model, but a larger press or automatic press can definitely help you out. Don’t forget too that finishing equipment is a relatively safe buy, since you already have a printing press. Paper cutter, corner rounders, perforators, etc.

Hot foil is also a good idea since there’s a number of jobs to be picked up with that technique.

A larger format proof press is a handy option. The more popular Vandercooks (3, 4, SP series, Unis) are expensive, but you can often find a Potter or Poco for a decent price. Automatic presses (Miehles, Heidelbergs) are very useful, especially for commercial work, though there is a learning curve.

I’d say a cylinder press such as a Poco or smaller Vandercook (unless you have the funds for a bigger one). The cylinder press will give you a much larger potential printing surface than the 8x12.

Thank you all for your comments. I am really fascinated by the Heidelberg Windmill although a Vandercook would be an excellent addition also. Hopefully I can find a press close by!!


I know where you can but a 10”x15” Kluge with an Auto feeder locally! A windmill is a grear choice but the learning curve is a big…a Vandercook would be good but it’s not really a production press. Any luck with the motor for the C&P?

There is a 12 x 18 C&P with a Kluge Auto Feeder in Sidney, Oh. If you want contact info, please let me know. This press is in great condition and very reasonably priced!!!