ludlow matrix cabinet

Hi all…..I have an old Ludlow matrix cabinet that I’d like to sell. Can anyone here tell me whether this cabinet will sell and what I might ask for it? It has a slanted top, 20 main drawers and some smaller ones and is painted (over steel I think). Real heavy. Thanks much for any info you might have. (I’m attaching a picture of a refinished one that I found online)

image: Ludlow matrix cabinet.jpg

Ludlow matrix cabinet.jpg

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Empty I suppose. I take it it is painted gray, correct? Elizabeth will probably suggest you move this to classifieds shortly.

I run a Ludlow, if empty = from free to 50 tops.
Plenty around.

Where are you located?

Thank you all so much for your comments. I live near Richmond, VA, the cabinet is painted grey and has all it’s drawers etc. I’m not trying to sell it on this site, and couldn’t ship it anyway, but when I googled, I found you and thought I would ask for information. I’m actually planning on putting it on craigslist to see if anyone locally might be interested. Just had no idea if these cabinets are common items or whether it is something that might be worth anything. Thanks much for your quick comments. sue

Hey there,
i am looking for a cabinet just like this and live on the coast of North Carolina. Did yours sell or do you know where I could get one?