Detached spring in 1953 windmill

Hi all,

During the course of cleaning out my windmill base, I noticed that there is a spring (5-6” long; hard to measure accurately) seemingly detached on one end.

I was cleaning from the round access panel on the air pump side. The spring was (with platen closed) hanging in front of the access panel. I was unable to find the spring in the parts book (although that doesn’t mean it isn’t in there). It appears as if (and this makes perfect sense) that the dangling end of the spring is broken (the loop is snapped off).

Does anyone know what this spring does? What are the implications of not being able to hook it back up/replace it?

Note: I’m not running this press yet…still cleaning/replacing parts/etc.


P.S. I can post a photo soon if necessary.

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Post a photo. I don’t recall any springs inside the base unless there is a problem with the impression handle that was cured by adding a spring.

Hopefully there are two photos with this post. They are taken from the air pump side (that is the pump on the right side of one of the images), with the access panel removed. The platen is open for both photos.

The visible end of the spring is the one with the broken loop. Now that I look at things again, especially after linegauge’s post, I think it is the tension spring for the impression throw-off lever. Re-reading the parts book seems to lead me to believe this is part T1710 (section R). Of course that doesn’t get me any closer to knowing where the other end of the spring gets attached or how I might fix things (although the latter isn’t too bad I wouldn’t think, given how the spring is broken).



image: BrokenSpring_1.jpg


image: BrokenSpring_2.jpg


Look for a small post at the bottom of the cleanout hole slightly left of center inside the press. That is where the other end of my spring is hooked.

Thanks for the information, houseman. I’ll see what I can rig up now that I know where to look!