What oiler can are you using on your C&P

Just curious to see what oiler cans you guys are using on your presses.

I use a pen oiler for some of my screen printing equipment, but need to get a bigger one for the letterpress. Here is the pen oiler I use for those hard to oil places that just need a dab.

Thanks in advance!


image: pen oiler.jpg

pen oiler.jpg

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Hey, that’s a very nifty oiler — now I’ve got oiler envy!

I use the 3-in-One oil that comes in the four-ounce plastic bottle with the telescoping spout. It reaches everywhere I need to get.


image: Installing new rollers - 3-in-One Oil.jpg

Installing new rollers - 3-in-One Oil.jpg

Barbara…I haven’t seen that little 3-in-1 can. Will have to keep an eye out for it! Thanks!


I think have two Goldenrod pump oilers. One large, with a flexible spout, and one small. They work great.

The big one came from Tractor Supply Co. The little one was from a print shop I cleaned out.

Love ‘em!

Get an oil can with trigger and pump, such as made by Plews (or is it Plewes?). With that you can place the nozzle in an oilhole, maybe with a rag as gasket, and force the oil into a bearing. Just putting in a drop or two and hoping gravity will do the rest won’t always result in properly lubricated surfaces.

Thanks everyone!


Any suggestions on dealing with a press where the oil points have already been filled via a grease gun?


Use a drill bit the size of the hole (without the drill), twist it in and out to take out the grease. Anything left will eventually wash away with the oil you use later.

After the drill bit treatment, pipe cleaners can be useful too.

Excellent, thank you very much. Some of the holes were filled pretty messily, but this should be a good start.