Heidelberg - advice and opinions please :)

Hi all

I have decided to take the plunge and buy a windmill (!). I’ve been looking around and reading up about them for a while, however nothing beats personal experience, and as I am quite new to all this any help would be greatly appreciated.

Went to have a look at a press for sale the other day. Seemed to be in a decent condition (except for slight cosmetic stuff - needs a good clean!). However I noticed a few things, such as the sheet counter is missing, made me slightly concerned about what else might have been pilfered from the machine. I know its difficult to asses from photos, but if anyone can see any issues please let me know!

The guy selling pointed out that the head guard no longer worked. In the photos theres a loose cable (bowden?) to be seen below in the front, easy one to fix?

I also need help in:

- identifying the model year

- confirming that all the relevant parts seem to be there for printing

- advice for methods for cleaning and bringing up to scratch, especially with more delicate bits like the gripper bars which have thick splashes of ink on them.

Generally more than anything I would like some advice, does this seem like a good one to go for, and is around the £750 mark a fair price?

I’m sorry for the inane beginner questions!

image: press 2.jpg

press 2.jpg

image: press 1.jpg

press 1.jpg

image: press 3.jpg

press 3.jpg

image: press 4.jpg

press 4.jpg

image: press 5.jpg

press 5.jpg

image: press 6.jpg

press 6.jpg

image: press 7.jpg

press 7.jpg

image: press 8.jpg

press 8.jpg

image: press 9.jpg

press 9.jpg

image: press 10.jpg

press 10.jpg

image: press 11.jpg

press 11.jpg

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It looks like it’s missing the cover for the ink fountain, too.

The serial number is usually stamped on the right hand edge of the big casting which holds the feed and delivery tables.

It also appears to be missing the feed pile sheet steadiers as in the attached image.

image: Hap_1.jpg


Would also be worth seeing if it has the accessory rack and accesory standards, frisket fingers, and such. Also look in the drawer (which should be there) on the right side under the feeder, there should be some spares in there (ideally some sucker slides, register pins and assorted stuff. If the press is stripped and has none of this (along with what others have pointed out) I would knock the value down a few hundred dollars, as getting those extra bits can be a challenge.(

red ball is later -post something compared to the black ball
it is not unreasonable assuming it has power 220 to get it
rolling.careful as the arm swings around.once rolling you
should be able to feed say an standard sheet..if in doubt find
an operator-retired perhaps and pay him to appraise its
condition.their fairly durable as we’re original owners of
a 1956 and never had problems beyond normal maintenance.
very versatile and durable one of the best lps made

drats i have to retype.should power up 220 us be careful of
windmill arm.best to find a retiree who can test and instuct.
common press durable and versatile.we’ve had ours for
54 years with normal maintenance

thanks for the help guys! Im looking at another press at the moment which seems to have been kept in better condition, this one here I don’t feel quite right about, bits missing, messy looking grippers, and that it hasn’t been oiled in a long while.